About Us

Firearms University has physical range locations in both St. George and Hurricane, Utah. 

Firearms University was founded for the purpose of teaching people how to effectively use a firearm…without all the other tacti-cool bullcrap. We don’t teach S.E.A.L. tactics. You want to learn S.E.A.L. tactics? Enlist in the Navy and volunteer for the training… We don’t speak in ten-codes or military lingo. (10-4, good buddy?) This isn’t basic training, and you didn’t sign up to be the target of some meathead instructor’s hostility. Not here cupcake. We don’t tell war stories. We don’t try to dazzle our students with our past accolades. We simply pass good knowledge from instructor to student with the purpose of making the student a more effective shooter; and thus, a better human being in general.

Our instructors’ resumes are on file in the Admin office, if resumes are your kind of thing. Rest assured, our instructors have very tall stacks of very official certificates and hundreds – or thousands – of hours of training that qualifies them to teach. Most importantly, they’re great instructors – not just great shooters. (There’s a difference, believe us…) Our instructors come from all backgrounds: civilian, military, and law enforcement.  All of them here for a single purpose: to make our students more effective shooters, and thus, better human beings in general.

We teach everyday people, who work everyday jobs, who wear everyday clothing, and who live everyday lives, how to protect themselves…everyday. You can wear your BDU pants to class and bring your $2500 race gun if that’s what you wear and carry every day. We prefer you come to class wearing the clothes you typically wear, carrying the gun you typically carry, ready to learn realistic tactics for the real world.

Sapere aude

Firearms University