Basic Precision Rifle Course

The Basic Precision Rifle Course will introduce the student to optics and the precision rifle. The first evening of the course will cover optics and  sighting-in. The second day, students will engage targets from 100 to 500 yards while learning about body positioning, breathing, trigger press, and firearm manipulation. This is an introductory course designed to get the student started in precision rifle shooting.

Course Requirements:

  • 140 rounds of ammunition minimum
  • A rifle & scope capable of engaging targets at 500+ yards
    • there is no requirement on the rifle’s action – rimfire rifles are not suitable for this course
    • Rifle calibers are limited to .300 Win Mag or smaller
    • there is no minimum power requirement for the scope
  • Eye & Ear protection
  • Students should bring enough water/food/snacks for the second day. Lunch is not provided with the course.

Course Fees: $199