Hunter Education


In-Person Field Days are typically held on Saturday morning.  The required skill stations and testing will be completed during the field day. The online hunter education course must be completed prior to attending the field day.  See the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website for acceptable online courses by clicking HERE.

Class Fees: There is a $5.00 seating fee, to be paid at the time of registration. (Registration is done online)

Course Instructor: Varies by availability.

Required Course Materials:

You must bring the following items with you to the Field Day:

  1. Online Course Completion Certificate: This is the certificate you will print off when you’ve completed the online portion of the Hunter Education course. You must bring this certificate with you to class to prove you’ve completed the online portion. You will not receive a validated Hunter Education voucher without this certificate.
  2. Hunter Education Voucher: This can be purchased anywhere hunting licenses are sold. Cost is $10.00. The voucher will be validated once the student has completed both the field day and the shooting portion of the class with a passing score. Once validated, the voucher becomes a general hunting license for the year.
  3. Rifle and Ammunition: Bring a rifle and at least 30 rounds of ammunition with you to your shoot time. You should not bring your rifle to the field day – it’s not needed. If you do not have a rifle, rifles are available for rent. If you rent a rifle, you must purchase your ammunition at the range and use that ammunition for your shooting portion. If you have a rifle, but need ammunition: ammunition is available at the range for purchase. Rifles may have either a scope, or open sights. Rifles should be a rimfire rifle in .17 or .22 caliber. Shooters may use a centerfire rifle if needed. Please contact us if you will be shooting a centerfire rifle.