Basic Cartridge Reloading

This reloading course will give you the information you need to start your reloading hobby.

This course will introduce the participant to the basic principals of pistol/rifle cartridge reloading using a reloading press. Learn how to reload ammunition safely. Save money by reloading and make custom loads that are tuned to your gun and your shooting needs.  Learn how to safely handle and store reloading components (cases, primers, powder, and bullets.) used to load pistol and rifle cartridges.

Additional Topics include:

  • Equipment set-up
  • Primer Selection
  • Bullet Selection
  • Powder Performance and Selection
  • Equipment Selection
  • Tips and Tricks

Course Fees: $60.00 – ($50.00 if seats are reserved more than 24 hours in advance)

Course Instructor: Jim Meade

Required Course Materials: Bring a pistol you would like to shoot your reloaded ammunition with.

Required Course Equipment: None