A to Z: 1911 Pistol

Learn the 1911Pistol inside and out with this A to Z Course

Do You Know… 

  • the name and function of each part in your 1911?
  • exactly how your firearm works?
  • how to completely disassemble, maintain and function check your 1911?
  • what to look for when you’re maintaining your firearm?

Firearms University has the answers to all of these questions and more!! Our  “A to Z” course covers your favorite firearm in complete detail. We’ll show you how to take apart your 1911– completely…every single part! We will then show you how to inspect each part for proper function and tolerance. And finally we will show you how to put it all back together and ensure it’s functioning properly.

This class is awesome!

Come find out everything you ever wanted to know about the Colt 1911!!

Course Length: 8 hrs
Course Fee: $100.00
Course Instructor: TBD
Required Course Materials: Any model 1911 pistol